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[STABLE] test-status: add test for removed-and-untracked state (BC by 65cdc6bab91e) 2014-07-24 Yuya Nishihara New
[STABLE] revset: force immediate revset evaluation for roots() (issue4313) 2014-07-24 Gregory Szorc New
dispatch: fix so that --help more reliably shows command help (issue4240) 2014-07-22 Prabhu GS New
[STABLE] help: use --template to specify existing style 2014-07-21 Yuya Nishihara New
[v2] tests: add Vagrantfile to automate running them on virtual machines 2014-07-15 anatoly techtonik New
[evolve-ext] readme: mention patchbomb usage and patch description guidelines on wiki 2014-07-13 Faheem Mitha New
[evolve-ext] debian: add line to clean target to delete error files caused by failing tests 2014-07-12 Faheem Mitha New
dispatch: fix so that --help more reliably shows command help (issue4240) 2014-07-10 Prabhu GS New
[V4] run-tests: added '--json' functionality to store test result data in json file 2014-07-09 Anurag Goel New
dispatch: fix so that if the -M flag and an explicit revision range is given to 2014-07-03 Prabhu GS New
[V5] run-tests: '--time' option provide more details to Linux users 2014-06-25 Anurag Goel New
[2,of,2] test-obsolete: make log templates more consistent: add {desc} to one 2014-06-24 Greg Ward New
[1,of,2] test-obsolete: explicitly show which changesets are divergent 2014-06-24 Greg Ward New
patch: accept non-node arguments to diff() 2014-06-23 Gregory Szorc New
version: extension info in verbose mode (issue4209) (issue 105040046 by 2014-06-11 anatoly techtonik New
[1,of,1] bdiff.c: implemented block-delimiting to better deal with long "lines" 2014-05-14 Friedrich Kastner-Masilko Under Review
[3,of,3] cat: use the topmost repo when expanding node based format strings for output 2014-03-22 Matt Harbison Under Review
[3,of,3,V2] merge: add automatic tag merge algorithm 2014-03-17 Angel Ezquerra Under Review
[1,of,3,V2] config: move config.sortdict class into its own file 2014-03-17 Angel Ezquerra Under Review
dispatch: hgrc parse error caused by leading spaces are hard to spot (issue3214) 2014-03-16 Razvan Cojocaru Under Review